Aethon Inc.

We’re Automating Logistics


Aethon autonomous mobile robots don’t just change movement, they change everything. Workers can do more. Healthcare professionals can care more. Hospitality guests can experience more.

Aethon Changes Manufacturing
Aethon’s industrial mobile robots transform material movement and improves the efficiency of your people and plant. Enables Industry 4.0 and connects islands of automation so your plant works as one.

Aethon Changes Health Care
Aethon mobile robots perform delivery and transportation tasks in hospitals to give staff more time to focus on patient care. Secure delivery of pharmacy medications and laboratory specimens and heavier loads such as meals, linens, and environmental services are all moved autonomously. Reduces cost-per-delivery by up to 80%.

Aethon Changes Hospitality
Aethon robots deliver food, linen, banquet supplies and luggage in hotels and hospitality environments. It is as comfortable in the front-of-house as it is capable in the back-of-house. Best of all it can show up at a guest’s door to make a room service delivery something truly memorable.

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