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Candela provides innovative autonomous robot solutions at the highest possible efficiency and ROI for our customers. Our patented payload switching technology, maximizes the efficiency of our common platform robot by seamless interchanging with different payload for different jobs, including, but not limited to, disinfection, delivery, cleaning, etc. Our product portfolio includes, the Sunny series robots for outdoor jobs, Candle series for indoor jobs and Star series for service jobs.

To provide our customer’s the highest service level, our solutions and robots comes with:

  1. Cloud scheduling: Algorithm for maximizing multi robots in different scenarios simultaneously.

  2. Real Time monitoring: Sensors relay real time data to user terminal to make split second decisions.

  3. Accurate Obstacle Avoidance: Achieved using an array of sensors including Lidar, ultrasonic radar, etc.

  4. Autopilot: Top speed of 20km/h and the Sunny series can even do this on rugged conditions.

  5. Automatic Loading and Unloading:  The intelligent integrated storage box makes loading a breeze.

  6. Intelligent Battery: Features fast charging and a battery that can easily be swapped in less than 60s.

Candela (Shenzhen) Technology established in May 2016. It is a high-tech enterprise that provides 3D solutions for terminal intelligent distribution on the autopilot technology platform. It is the only supplier in the world that can provide terminal intelligent 3D distribution solutions from the outdoor to the indoor and the only enterprise that realizes full process automation solution for the last mile of distribution in CBD, technology park, corporate headquarters, universities and communities.

Our production factory covers 15.000m2 with capabilities for mould manufacturing, injection moulding and assembly, and features an output of 15.000 annually. We have +300 employees, and 80% of that is made up of our R&D team. Our IP portfolio includes +400 patents, with another 160 patents under filing.

Our value customers are from different markets:
– Property developments – Country Garden, Galaxy Group, Excellence Group, etc.
– Industrial companies – Huawei, CRRC, SPIC, State Grid, etc.
– Express delivery companies – STO, Best, ZTO, etc
– Hospitals – Leishenshan, Huoshenshan, Shenzhen southern, etc
– Hotels and many others

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