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Tortuga AgTech’s mission is to build a healthier society, and a thriving planet, through smarter farming. To do this, we want to enable growers to sell better produce – unique, tasty, nutritious food, grown within hours of your plate. No nasty chemicals. 90% less water use. No exploited workers.

We’re doing this by bringing frontier technology from robotics, computer vision, automation, and machine learning, and applying it to the hardest problems growers face. Our products will enable advanced growing methods to compete with scale agriculture, which means growers will be able to grow better produce that’s also better for the planet.

The automation of picking, packing, and trimming will reduce significantly the manual labor hours needed to grow produce. It will also increase yields through denser layouts and optimized grow conditions. And, we’ll help create full-time local technical jobs as well. And we do all of that while helping our grower customers provide fresher, healthier, and more sustainable produce to the humans living near their operations. 

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