Vision Robotics

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Vision Robotics and its subsidearies Vision Robotics Lettuce Production, LLC and Vision Robotics Vineyard Products, LLC develop robotics systems for a wide range of applications. Our technology base is extensive including machine vision and dynamic arm control. Our applications range from agriculture to consumer to defense projects. Our solutions typically employ vision-based mapping, localization, and navigation systems. Coupling our mature vision algorithms with the output of additional sensors provides a robust base for many applications. 

In short, VRC has created a uniquely robust and cost effective approach to robotics. We believe that the cost of computer power coupled with new solid-state sensors has opened much more of the world to mechanization. Our vision-based algorithms enable robots to autonomously create three-dimensional maps of unknown areas of interest whether this is mapping a building or modeling a grapevine. The maps and models enable robots to intelligently and accurate perform a myriad of tasks whether it is vacuuming a floor or pruning a grapevine. 

Our experience and creativity make us excellent partners for companies looking for assistance in developing robots.

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